introduces itself
STARTING BUSINESS IN SLOVAKIA is an internet platform of the consulting company Global Business Solutions.
Global Business Solutions specialises in the provision of complex consulting services to all of those international clients that have decided to undertake their business activities in Slovakia.
We help our clients in particular with their decision regarding the choice of legal form of their presence on the Slovak market. The core of these activities is a fast and effective establishment of commercial companies without any difficulties.
In connection with the company establishment we offer to our clients inter alia the possibility to establish a registered seat of their company in our premises as a contact address (the so-called virtual seat). Due to this fact, your company will become a fully accepted entity even without having own premises. However, should you be interested, we are also in the position to arrange for our clients a purchase or a lease of own premises. 
The provision of a complex company management including the arrangement of bookkeeping and tax advisory shall be considered as an inseparable part of our services portfolio.
In addition, we are in the position to offer you a complex assistance and support with respect to the operation of your business activities in Slovakia. Our knowledge of the local business conditions and relationships saves the time and costs of our clients. Within our business consulting activities we are able to arrange and coordinate for you almost all related services, e.g. the search for suitable premises (real estate agent services), legal services and recruitment services as well as the search for co-operation partners.
Our staff takes stand on the optimization of costs, including taxes. In the vast majority of cases we are able to offer to our clients a lump sum price that already includes all administrative as well as other related fees. Such an approach enables them to know already at the very beginning which costs they will have to spend on starting their business activities in Slovakia.
Our goal is to connect a high degree of quality and the readiness to be at the disposal at any time our clients demand so, with a business-oriented approach and flexibility. Therefore, we hope that you will be able choose from the wide portfolio of our services.