Branch Establishment in Slovakia
The branch of a foreign entrepreneur is considered as a form of a formal representation of a foreign company in Slovakia.
One of the most significant differences between the branch and the subsidiary is the fact that the branch does not have own legal personality. Therefore, the business activities are conducted under the name of the foreign entrepreneur.
The branch is managed by the so-called head of the branch. No registered capital is required.
The establishment of a registered seat is required. In the case that you do not have own premises at the disposal for the establishment of a contact address, we will be pleased to offer you our service of shared registered seats (the so-called virtual office).
The registration with the competent trade licence authority as well as the registration with the competent commercial register are necessary (the holder of the trade licence is the branch).
The branch establishment can be recommended to all entrepreneurs that intend to have a formal representation in Slovakia, however, at the same time do not plan to establish a subsidiary with own legal personality. However, at present the branch establishment does not have any essential advantages when compared with the establishment of a subsidiary (for instance, with a limited liability company).