Company Establishment
Under the support from STARTING BUSINESS IN SLOVAKIA you will gain the opportunity to establish a commercial company in Slovakia in a very fast and effective way as well as without any additional difficulties.
Contrary to our competitors the consultancy regarding the company establishment as well as the execution of the establishment itself and the subsequent registration of the company with the competent commercial register shall be arranged by experienced lawyers, rather than by the administrative staff – this all at the maintenance of the lowest price for the offered services.
Should you decide to establish a company with the support of STARTING BUSINESS IN SLOVAKIA, it shall be sufficient to visit us only once, or you can just send us the relevant documents per post. Our priority is to prevent our clients from spending any additional time on the establishment of their company.
The first step related to company establishment is the choice of a suitable legal form. Our experts are always ready to help you with the choice of the most suitable one. At the moment, the limited liability company is the legal form chosen most frequently by our clients. However, also the limited partnership has become popular under certain circumstances, making a difference in particular when your company will undertake a manufacturing business activity in Slovakia. Of course, should our clients be interested, we will be pleased to establish also a branch of a foreign company, a joint-stock company, a general partnership (verejna obchodna spolocnost) or a co-operative for them.
The portfolio of our services related to the establishment and incorporation of a company includes in particular:
  • provision of an initial consultancy and the choice of a suitable legal form
  • provision of information related to documents necessary for the company establishment
  • complex services related to the company establishment
  • drafting the memorandum of association as well as other documents necessary for the establishment and the subsequent incorporation of the company
  • arrangement of an official translation of documents from a foreign language
  • arrangement of a notary for a date chosen by you
  • arrangement of a trade licence for the company
  • incorporation of the company (i.e. registration with the competent commercial register)
  • opening of a bank account in a Slovak bank chosen by our client
  • arrangement of a Slovak tax identification number for the company, respectively the arrangement of a registration for VAT or other taxes.